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Our Attorneys bring the speed of technology to make immigration simple, fast & affordable. Our superior certified immigration  attorneys provide fast, competent family immigration at inexpensive prices. Whether you are seeking permanent residency for you or a loved one or facing deportation, our Immigration attorneys are here to help. Your case is important to us and we provide excellent, fast, attentive service to help you reach your immigration goal as quickly, cost effectively and conveniently as practically possible.

We specialize in the following Immigration submissions:

    1. Petition for spouse, child or parent.
    2. Petition for Fiancé
    3. Green Card Application
    4. Certificate of Citizenship
    5. DACA
    6. Green Card Renewal/Replacement
    7. Remove Conditions on Green Card
    8. Visa Victim of Crime
    9. VAWA abused by U.S. Citizen
    10. Cancellation of removal for non-Green Card holders
    11. Cancellation of removal for Green Card holders
    12. Application for waiver of crimes
    13. Application for Unlawful Presence Waiver


Our Mission at is to fully inform the immigrant community of their possibilities under U. S. immigration laws and help them obtain their immigration goals. To execute our mission, our licensed immigration Attorneys –not call centers–provide free initial consultations. Our attorneys often provide valuable immigration advice & information in public immigration forums at churches, non-profits, schools & food banks. We treat our clients and all immigrants with dignity & respect regardless of status. We treat our clients like we would like to be treated and provide them with affordable, fast, convenient and effective immigration solutions.


We specialize in the following Immigration cases:

Green Card Petition for spouse, child or parent.
Visa & Green Card for Fiancé
Certificate of Citizenship
Green Card Renewal/Replacement
Remove Conditions on Green Card
Visa Victim of Crime
Abused by U.S. Citizen
Cancellation of removal for non-Green Card holders
Cancellation of removal for Green Card holders
Application for Unlawful Presence Waiver


We are the most affordable and cost-effective immigration attorneys in the USA. Our attorneys utilize technologically advanced client intake and case management software that allows us to process your case faster and ensure your case is never lost in the system. Call one of our licensed immigration attorneys today for a free case evaluation and personalized pricing.

We do not use call centers. You will communicate directly with a licensed immigration attorney today. All our attorneys are experienced immigration specialists and familiar with all USCIS policies and procedures. This ensures your application is submitted correctly the first time and moves through the process rapidly.


Immigrating to the United States can be a complicated process. Our experienced immigration attorneys will work with you to simplify the process and help you move fast, easily and conveniently through the immigration system. Through years of personal experience, we are aware of the human resiliency it takes to uproot your life to move to another country. Immigration Cheap creates experiences that are effective, insightful, attentive, sensitive, knowledgeable and personalized by listening to your needs. We provide timely communications, deliver on our promises, and most importantly, getting stellar results for our clients at affordable prices.

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We work both nationally and internationally with people from all walks of life, we represent professionals, skilled workers, unskilled workers, large multi-national corporations, small businesses, celebrities, sports professionals, investors, religious workers, and families in a variety of immigration cases.


ImmigrationCheap.Com delivers superb, fast, affordable & convenient immigration services built on long-term, valued relationships. We Our experienced immigration attorneys are passionate about helping others realize the American Dream, reuniting families, and bringing the best and brightest minds to the United States so that they can develop their ideas and profoundly change the U.S. & the world.

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Some immigration services take any case that comes through the door. We do not do this at Immigration We listen, pay attention and ask the right questions to make sure your case is successful. At, we don’t use call centers and our certified immigration attorneys are focused on family-based immigration and personalized services. Our experienced attorneys are here to help your family come together and remain here in the United States. We are here when you are ready to take the first steps toward citizenship. We have successfully brought many couples from around the world, to live, work and build their dreams in the U.S.

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Prior to deciding to use, I interviewed a number of different immigration service providers, including lawyers, to understand who was the most knowledgeable of immigration and naturalization laws and the USCIS submission process. I strongly felt was the most capable and professional of anyone I interviewed. The staff and managing director provided invaluable support along the path towards receiving my American citizenship, both legally and personally. If I had a question or concern, the staff at was always available to listen and to give sound advice. Rather than paying large attorney’s fees I chose to fill out my own immigration forms and send them to to review and submit to USCIS. stayed on top of my application, once submitted, and was able to speed up the process due to their invaluable experience, knowledge and contacts at USCIS. I save thousands of dollars $$ in fees required by expensive law firms by using and received more professional & timely service.  Without any hesitation, I strongly recommend to anybody, for their naturalization needs.

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