How does serve clients affordably?

Over time, technology has allowed us to accomplish many things in a much faster, more efficient way. Here at, we utilize this technology to streamline the client intake and case management processes so that our clients’ cases get started on immediately, don’t get forgotten about, and are constantly being supervised and worked on. The traditional immigration lawyer must work countless hours on these processes, which not only eat up the attorney’s time but also bogs him down with a tremendous amount of work, which ultimately costs you, as the client, more money. Here at, we work smarter and not harder. Visit our site, get immediate results, and pay a fraction of what you would normally pay an immigration attorney. Our team of young, yet experienced millennial attorneys will immediately check over your submissions and respond without delay. You can find out if you qualify for our services, see what your case is like, and speak with an attorney…all for free, thanks to technology and an enthusiastic group of young experienced immigration attorneys waiting to help you get started.

How does use AI and machine learning to add efficiency?

Once you’re on our website, our AI interface allows you to find out if you qualify for the immigration services you are looking for within a matter of minutes. No more spending hours looking around on the internet to find out how you can immigrate to the United States or how to solve your problems with immigration. Just come to our site, answer a few questions, and we’ll let you know immediately if you have a case that we can represent you on. Further, once you figure out that you qualify, you can answer a few more follow-up questions and find out what your actual case would look like, forms filled out and all! If you choose to proceed, you’ll instantly be connected to an attorney who can finish the process and file your case immediately! No need to confuse yourself looking for answers to your questions on the internet for hours, no long conversations with attorneys who may or may not be able to help you, no making appointments with attorneys on their own schedule just so they can charge you for the consultation, and no paying exorbitant amounts of money for immigration attorneys. Just hop on to our site, chat with our AI bots for a few minutes, and Voila…You’re immediately on the path to legal status in this country! It’s a fast, simple, smooth process… at a price you can’t beat.

What is Form I-130 and why do I need it?

Form I 130 is the first form that needs to be filed when attempting to bring an alien relative to this country. It establishes the relationship between you, the American citizen or resident, and the alien relative who you are petitioning for. This form is important because it is the first step in the immigration process in that government approval of this form is first required before you may adjust the status of your foreign relative (get them their green card). As a United States Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident (Green Card Holder), you may begin the immigration process by petitioning for your alien spouse, child, parents, or siblings. Although the processing times to adjust your alien relatives’ status will vary based on your relationship with them, the I-130 processing time remains the same for all. It is important to file your I-130 as soon as possible— even if it may take many years to process your alien relatives’ adjust of status—because your I-130 will be given a “priority date” based on when you file that will allow you to carry out the rest of the immigration process faster. The sooner you file, the better off you are.

How do I get a green card fast, conveniently, and affordably?

The fastest, most convenient, and most affordable way to becoming a “green card holder” or lawful permanent resident is to do so through what is called family-based immigration. This is when you get your green card based on a familial relationship with an American Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident. For example, if you are married to an American Citizen or Resident, he or she can petition for you to come to the United States and obtain your green card so that you can remain here. Similarly, if you are an American Citizen over the age of 21 and you want to bring your parents to the United States, you can also petition for them to come to this country and obtain their green cards. Family based immigration is a much faster and easier road to achieving green card status than other methods of immigration, such as employment-based immigration, which may take many years, is much more costly, and much more complicated. specializes in family-based immigration, so not only are you choosing the fastest, most convenient, and most affordable means of obtaining a green card, you are doing it with the best!

How long does it take to receive a green card after application in 2021?

Generally, it takes between 1-2 years for the USCIS to process green card applications. If a lawyer or anyone else tells you that it can be done quicker than this, he/she is lying to you. There is nothing in the world that a lawyer can do or any amount of money that you can pay to make the USCIS (the governmental organization processing your case) move any faster. The only thing that can be done to speed the process up is to make the lawyer move faster to file your case. That’s where we come in. Get on our website, find out if you qualify for our immigration services in just a few minutes, find out what your application actually looks like, let our attorneys review it immediately, get us paid, and Voila! Your case is filed immediately!!

How long does it take to get citizenship after filing?

Generally, the time it takes the USCIS to process your citizenship application is around 1 year. Again, there is nothing that a lawyer can do to make the USCIS move any faster. Nor can you pay any amount of money to do the same. However, the lawyer you choose CAN make the process go faster by internally processing your case faster. The faster we file, the faster you get your citizenship. Since we employ the latest technology in client intake and case management here at, your immigration process is much faster and smoother because we cut out the inefficiency of human error, laziness, and lack of motivation. We let our machines do the work while we as lawyers check over the work to make sure everything is done properly

What is form I-751?

This form is used to remove the conditions on a temporary green card that was issued through marriage to a United States citizen or resident. When an alien obtains a green card through marriage, the/she receives a temporary green card, which essentially affords the same rights as the permanent one, such as the ability to live, work, and travel freely in and out of the country. However, since a green card through marriage is more susceptible to fraud, the government requires aliens who obtain green cards in this manner to remove the conditions from the green card after 2 years of marriage, at which point the alien spouse is eligible to apply for a permanent 10 year green card. More importantly, after just 3 years of being married to an American citizen, and just after the removal of conditions, the alien spouse is eligible for his/her citizenship.

What is Form 601?

Form 601 is a waiver for grounds that would otherwise make an alien not admissible into the United States. In other words, if an alien would be disqualified from obtaining a green card because he/she was charged with a crime or he/she is unlawfully present in the country, Form 601 may allow him/her to still obtain their green card. So, even if you don’t think you would qualify for a green card, you may still be eligible for one by properly filing Form 601 along with your application.

What are the steps to immigration from Mexico?

There are many paths to immigrating to the United States from Mexico. The most common way is through a family member who is a United States citizen or resident who can petition for your green card. If any of your immediate family members — spouse, children, parents, siblings—are American citizens or residents, you have a great opportunity to immigrate. However, there are other lawful routes to immigrating here that do not require US citizen family members. For example, if you have a special skill or ability that is needed in the United States for which there are not qualified American workers, you may immigrate that way, through employment-based immigration. This is a much harder, longer, and more expensive way of immigrating, but it is still an option. Another way to immigrate is to simply cross the border—legally or not—and simply fall in love and marry an American citizen. To be clear, it is illegal to enter our country without permission from our government. However, if you are here unlawfully, either because you crossed illegally or overstayed your visa, you can still obtain a green card and remain here simply by having an American citizen spouse petition for you. This is not legal advice. This is a fact. Even though you are here unlawfully, you may remain here lawfully and upgrade your status through love.


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