How can I expedite my immigration?

Contrary to popular belief, lawyers cannot force the USCIS to process your immigration case any faster. There is no amount of money that can be paid to expedite this process either. However, many times lawyers can actually slow down the process by inefficiently handling the intake and management of your case before it even gets submitted to the USCIS for review, sometimes delaying the submission months while they fumble around with your case. That is precisely why you should choose Our intake and client management is seamless. Go to our website, answer a few questions, see the results immediately, and talk to a lawyer…all free, all now!

If I have an attorney. Does my immigration form receive priority?

No, this is a common myth. A case filed by a non-attorney will receive the same priority as a case filed by an attorney. When you hire an attorney to file your case, you are not paying for prioritization of processing at the USCIS; you are paying for the attorney’s knowledge and skill in preparing and handling your case, including any unanticipated difficulties that your case may contain. Although cannot officially help prioritize your case with the USCIS, we can ensure that it gets there fast, that the process of filing is simple, that it’s not going to be expensive, and that our staff of experienced young attorneys will make sure that everything is done right the first time. Our known reputation with USCIS and our availability to communicate with USCIS does help expedite the process.


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